Your Florida Transaction Coordinator

Your Florida

Transaction Coordinator

I help realtors meet deadlines, avoid mistakes,
and gain time for building their business.

Dear Realtor

Want more time to do what you really enjoy – focus on securing more buyers and sellers to build your business and make more money?

It’s not just what you want…
It’s what you need and what your business needs to grow.

From signing a contract with your buyer or seller to Opening and Closing Escrow, hours of your valuable time are consumed by copious e-mails to send and reply to promptly, thoroughly checking all documents for mistakes, and stacks of files to organize, review, and preserve.

I can give you back that time…
My focus is on Transaction Coordination management – which I enjoy.

What a sense of relief from worry when you let me handle the transactions!

And you have the time you need to serve your clients better, acquire more prospects, and Build Your Business!

About Me

We provide top notch administrative support for your real estate transactions from contract acceptance to closing. We eliminate most of your paperwork, freeing up your time to service your clients to the best of your ability and focus on landing your next deal. We are here to help you scale your business to the highest level possible.

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