Your Florida Transaction Coordinator


What does a Transaction Coordinator do?

My primary role is to manage important documents for my realtor client, accomplished by quality control to the real estate transaction from new client onboarding to close of escrow.

How do you keep the realtor-client informed?

We meet before I begin the work to discuss how we communicate and preferences you may have.  You are copied in every e-mail I send on your behalf, and I e-mail you a weekly calendar every Friday with the schedule for the next week for each of our clients

Why should I hire you when I can do that work?

I’m not an employee, so you only use my services when you choose to.  There is no overhead for hiring me since I charge per transaction.  My training with a seasoned TC gave me the required skills to do the job.  In turn, you gain hours to focus on growing your business.

How do I contact you?

The best way to contact me is by text or e-mail.  I work from home and don’t mind early morning or late-night communications.  Realtors often work unusual hours and may require prompt attention to changes in the transaction documents.  I’m happy to comply.

My only restriction is no response on Sundays.

E-mail:  amy

Text:  407-718-1064

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