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My Services

My service starts when your buyer or seller signs a contract with your brokerage company.

When the Purchase Agreement – and any additional document(s) – are signed, they are thoroughly reviewed to verify that signatures, initials, dates, and commission amounts are correct.  I will notify you of corrections needed before e-mailing documents to the Listing Agent and TC.

Our e-mail requesting to open escrow will include the involved parties and a request to include me, as your TC, in their future e-mails.  (I suggest not including the buyer and seller in this e-mail but sending the information and documents to them in separate e-mails to protect the Buyer’s contact information.)

Follow up with the Title Company on Ernest Money Deposit, and verify the amount is correct per the Purchase Agreement, and I request a copy of the signed escrow letter.  If EMD has not been received, I can offer to help the Title Company by contacting the buyer and you.  I promptly notify you and the buyer, usually by text or phone.

Track contract timelines for the status of home inspections, loan commitments, appraisal process, and title commitments, acquire HOA packets and order home warranty coverage if requested.  E-mails are sent to you and the involved parties concerning the timelines.

I will send you an e-mail calendar every Friday showing the schedule for the next week.

I consider myself part of your team working together for your buyer.  Your success is important to me.

Note:  If the Transaction is on the seller’s side, my e-mails relate to that side of the Transaction.

My Fees

Transaction Coordination is $400 for the buyer side or seller side. I’m paid at closing from your commission.

If, after the due diligence period, the sale does not close, my fee is only $25.

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